Introduction to the DynaVox Series 5

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  1. Don H Kim says:

    A friend of mine recently had a stroke and his right side body has very limited muscle movement. He cannot speak but he can listen and he still can use left side fingers. I am thinking he could be trained to use touch screen type of device (tablet, laptop, iphone or smart phone) with NOT qwerty but alphabetical keyboard to communicate. I wonder whether you have a software program that concert these devices that come with qwerty keyboard. I noticed you have DynaVox with alphabetical keyboard but I am not sure it is the product I am looking for. My friend neither typing nor computer experience. I would very much appreciate if you could help us. Thank you much in advance for your help.

    • Charlene Cullen says:

      A great place to start is to go to an Assistive Technology Assessment Centre. In Australia they are called Independent Living Centres. They can assist you with different device options. If the DynaVox looks like it might be useful then you might be able to trial it. If you are in Australia you can trial it from Spectronics by filling out the Online Application form here:
      There are also apps for the iPad that use an ABC layout such as Verbally.
      All the best,
      Charlene Cullen
      Spectronics Consultancy Team

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